NYPD recognizes more than 100 teens for efforts to reduce crime

The NYPD recognized more than a hundred students during its Police Commissioner for a Day Annual Essay Awards Ceremony at Police Headquarters on Wednesday afternoon.High school students throughout the five boroughs were asked what program they would enact to help reduce crime among city youth.Melissa Koffer, 17, of Moore Catholic HS designed three programs. One was an after school recreational program, the second was an anti-bullying exercise and the third, �Teen Time,� was intended to educate on youth crime.�It was great.� Koffer said. �It was more than I expected.�Along with another winning classmate, Rosemarie Ferraro, Koffer was inspired to enter the contest by her teacher, Dr. Derek Levine, who is currently teaching a St. John�s University criminal justice course at Moore. He decided to turn the essay contest into a course assignment.�We took on this essay to really get students to critically think on how to reduce youth crime in the city,� Dr. Levine said. �Part of the class is challenging them to think analytically and to deal with the current issues today.�Melissa Koffer of Moore Catholic High School poses with her NYPD Police Commissioner for a Day plaque.Photo: Tom O'Connor�I don�t think it has much to do with me, I think it�s their hard work and their enthusiasm that really paid off. I was more of a facilitator.�Police Commissioner Bill Bratton handed out the awards to the students as master of ceremonies Lieutenant Tony Giorgio read their names along with which precinct they resided in.The highest award of the event went to Kayla Dorancy of the Brooklyn Latin School, whose father received the plaque in her place as Kayla was unable to attend.Giorgio read Kayla�s essay aloud, which detailed recreational, educational and social programs that would both give students an outlet to prevent them from getting involved in crime and educate them on law enforcement.�Great programs like these are important to the foundation of our communities and how our youth spend their time while in and out of school,� Kayla wrote. �We want our youth and my peers to have fun, live out their lives with as much fun as possible, but we also want them to stay safe and out of trouble.�Share this:FacebookTwitterGoogleWhatsAppEmailCopy

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